If I was a Principle for a Week I would…

By Logan

If I was a principle for a week I would have kids have breakfast in school in the morning and the school would have hot lunch so they would serve pancakes, waffles, French toast, toast, bacon, and sausage.

I would have social studies shorter and science longer, and your teacher knows both of those so you don’t have to switch classes for those.

Then I would have I pads at the school instead of laptops for children and net books for 1st grade and under.

There would be hot lunch to and kids can bring there one lunch to.

Kids would also be aloud to bring and use skateboards and roller blades at recess.

There would be a baseball field in the back on the field and you could bring baseball bats gloves and balls but there are helmets in the office. There would be two soccer goals in the field to.

If you were a principle for a week what would you change?

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