Ready for 5th Grade!

Here are a few suggestions to keep skills sharp for 5th grade…

  • Read at least 20 minutes each day; continue using a Reading Log or Journal
  • Read a variety of texts – fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, informational, biography, jokes and riddles, maps, directions, magazines, and so on
  • Talk about books you enjoy reading with family and friends
  • Practice + – * / math facts frequently
  • Review Math Journal pages, especially ones that were not used in class
  • Play games using math – card games, board games, and computer games
  • Use math in “real life” – mall shopping, grocery shopping, sports, trips, projects, etc.
  • Visit the Zoo, Art Museum, Public Museum, Domes, Boerner Botanical Garden, Audubon Center, Summer Festivals, Farmer’s Markets, the Lakefront, and other local attractions – lots of science and social studies here
  • On your summer excursions and trips, read maps, books, and brochures about your destinations
  • Take photos of your summer activities to share with family and friends
  • Work on writing projects – letters (snail mail and email), a diary, a trip log, “to do” lists for weekly or vacation activities, stories, poems, Writing Bugs, etc.
  • Use the traits of a good writer as you write – and notice those same traits when you are reading great books during summer vacation
  • Practice your typing skills as you write (word process) on the computer
  • Do crossword puzzles and word searches, play word games like Scrabble and Boggle, create riddles, rhymes, and poetry, and other word building and spelling activities you enjoy

Have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation with your friends and families!

Ms. Kreul