Summer Sites


Summer Web Sites for Students

The following web sites for elementary students have been recommended by educators. As always, parents should closely monitor children on the Internet.

Weekly Reader –

SIKids –

National Geographic Kids –

National Geographic Explorer – ­ –

Language Arts
Writing Bugs –

Scholastic’s The Stacks –

Wacky Web Tales –

Fun Brain Spell Check –

ReadWriteThink Student Interactives –

Interactive Mathematics – –

Math Baseball –

AAA Math Site –

CoolMath4Kids –

The Exploratorium –

Franklin Science Institute –

Discovery Kids –

BrainPOP –

Howstuffworks –

Science Monster –

Social Studies
The Library of Congress – –

Smithsonian Students –

Digital History –

First Gov for Kids – Kids Page –

Integrated Curriculum –


Education World Scavenger Hunts –

PBS Kids –

Discovery Students –

National Geographics Kids –

Lists of Web Sites for Kids
Great Sites for Kids –

Kidsclick! –

Just for Fun
Milwaukee County Zoo –

Milwaukee Public Museum –

Milwaukee County Parks –

Milwaukee Visitor’s Bureau –

Milwaukee Brewers –

Kopp’s Custard –

Wisconsin Department of Tourism –


Summer 2012


Ready for 5th Grade!

Here are a few suggestions to keep skills sharp for 5th grade…

  • Read at least 20 minutes each day; continue using a Reading Log or Journal
  • Read a variety of texts – fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, informational, biography, jokes and riddles, maps, directions, magazines, and so on
  • Talk about books you enjoy reading with family and friends
  • Practice + – * / math facts frequently
  • Review Math Journal pages, especially ones that were not used in class
  • Play games using math – card games, board games, and computer games
  • Use math in “real life” – mall shopping, grocery shopping, sports, trips, projects, etc.
  • Visit the Zoo, Art Museum, Public Museum, Domes, Boerner Botanical Garden, Audubon Center, Summer Festivals, Farmer’s Markets, the Lakefront, and other local attractions – lots of science and social studies here
  • On your summer excursions and trips, read maps, books, and brochures about your destinations
  • Take photos of your summer activities to share with family and friends
  • Work on writing projects – letters (snail mail and email), a diary, a trip log, “to do” lists for weekly or vacation activities, stories, poems, Writing Bugs, etc.
  • Use the traits of a good writer as you write – and notice those same traits when you are reading great books during summer vacation
  • Practice your typing skills as you write (word process) on the computer
  • Do crossword puzzles and word searches, play word games like Scrabble and Boggle, create riddles, rhymes, and poetry, and other word building and spelling activities you enjoy

Have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation with your friends and families!

Ms. Kreul

Tips for Fourth Grade

Here are a few tips from 4KR for students entering 4th grade:

  • Pay attention to teachers and classmates.
  • Show your work and use brain tracks (notes).
  • Study math facts.
  • Read a lot of books.
  • Use your time wisely.
  • Choose just right books.
  • Practice things you need to work on.
  • Be organized.
  • Be polite and use good manners.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be ready for a challenge!
  • Have fun!
Good luck in fourth grade next fall!!!

A Day In The Life Of A Principal

By Ben

Hello, my name is Principal Ben. I am the principal of Richards School. Today I will give you a walk through of my day in the life of a principal. Here is my schedule.

7:00 Arrive at school

7:15 Construction workers arrive (because we are building a new playground)

7:30 See if fire drill button is ready (because were having a fire drill)

8:00 Kids Arrive

8:00 Go in halls to greet kids

8:30 Fire Drill

9:00 Having meeting with superintendent (to talk about construction safety)

11:00 Lunch

12:30 Have a meeting with Guidance consular

2:00 Go in halls to say bye to kids

2:00 Kids leave

3:00 Meeting with construction workers

5:00 Leave

If I was a Principle for a Week I would…

By Logan

If I was a principle for a week I would have kids have breakfast in school in the morning and the school would have hot lunch so they would serve pancakes, waffles, French toast, toast, bacon, and sausage.

I would have social studies shorter and science longer, and your teacher knows both of those so you don’t have to switch classes for those.

Then I would have I pads at the school instead of laptops for children and net books for 1st grade and under.

There would be hot lunch to and kids can bring there one lunch to.

Kids would also be aloud to bring and use skateboards and roller blades at recess.

There would be a baseball field in the back on the field and you could bring baseball bats gloves and balls but there are helmets in the office. There would be two soccer goals in the field to.

If you were a principle for a week what would you change?

If I was Principal I would…

By Kayla

Good morning I’m going to be a principal for one year. If I had a chance to change anything in the school it would be some of these things.

The first thing would be having a delicious breakfast and hot lunch. But it would be healthy for you because, some parents can’t afford enough food to their family. That way kids can eat at least two meals.

I would also go to 14 class rooms every day for a ½ hour to help the students. I would so that because, if the teacher is helping one child. I could help a different child.

In my school we don’t get a lot of time for lunch so, I would make lunch 30 minutes and recess 30 minutes.

All teachers would have a meeting every Wednesday day so they can leave early the rest of the week.

Then I would make a school T-Shirt that the students would were on there field trips. Then every class would have math in the morning.

Last but not least the students would have been bean bag instead chairs so they can feel like they are at home.

This is how I would run my school.

If I were principal for a week I would…

By Hayes

Make lunch time longer because most of the time people don’t finish their lunch in the regular time period. Then I would make recess longer, it would be for 20 min. instead of 15 min. so kids can get more of their energy out.

I would next schedule a school camp in the summer and it would be about sports and keeping active. The sports include Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Frisbee, and Football.

Then I would make it so every subject had really fun activities like social studies we would put Skittles on the places that we are leaning about on the map, and in sciense we would make different flavors of icecream mixing different ingredients.

That is what I would do if I were principal for a week, what would you do?

Principal for a Whole Long Exciting Week

By Arienne

If I was principal for a week I would do lots of good things for the school. Here is my schedule.

Principal Schedule


8:05 School starts

9:05 Get copies from the office

10:05 Order Pizzas for fun lunch*

11:05 Meeting and lunch Fun lunch

12:05 end meeting

1:05 send in book orders

2:05 School Meeting

3:05 dismissal



8:05- 11:05 Tour 5 new kids around the school

12:05 plans arrive for new benches on back playground

1:05 organize next school meeting

2:05 Get Out And Play! Fitness assembly

3:05  dismissal



Teacher meeting no school (not every Wednesday)



8:05 – 11:05  meeting

12:05 plans arrive for new benches on back playground

1:05 organize next school meeting

2:05 update Ipad data

3:05 dismissal



8:05-9:05 work on computer

10:05 put in attendance

11:45 dismissal half day


*Fun Lunch is a day at school when your parents pay so you can get either pizza, a sandwich, or McDonald’s. (not every Monday). * Ipad an apple product. (like a portable computer)


Principal Questions

Reporter: I’m here with the principal of Bavarian Academy. I have a couple questions, can I ask them?

Principal: Of course!

Reporter: Okay let’s get started!

Reporter: So, what time does school start?

Principal: School starts at9:45

Reporter: Okay, when does school end?

Principal: It ends at 3:10

Reporter: Right. So when do the kids have science and social studies?

Principal: Science and social studies are at 10:00

Reporter: Then when do specials start?

Principal: They start at 11:15

Reporter: so then when does math start?

Principal: that starts at11:45

Reporter: Okay, how long is lunch and recess?

Principal: It’s an hour and 15 minutes

Reporter: alright, do kids have reading or SSR?

Principal: yes, we do.

Reporter: How long is it?

Principal: it’s 45 minutes

Reporter: okay, how many recesses per day

Principal: kids would have 2 recesses per day

Reporter: alright, do all kids have to do band or orchestra?

Principal: No, they write in the classroom otherwise.

Reporter: Right. Is spelling every day?

Principal: No. They have it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Reporter: Oh, how long?

Principal: 10 minutes

Reporter: thank you for time

Principal: No problem


Geometric Solids

Students searched the building for geometric solids shapes: Cone, Triangular Prism, Sphere, Cylinder, Rectangular Prism, and Square Pyramid. Can you tell which is which?

Principal for a week

By Khushdil

If I was the principal for one week for an elementary school, I would give the staff more payment. Because they work hard and it would be fair for them to get a bigger payment.

And I would want to have more school meetings so the students could give their talent a little more, and for more important stuff about school.

Then I would have more students in a class so more students could learn stuff, say about 35 kids in each classroom.

And those are the revisions I would make to the school if I was the principal for a week.

Principal Interview

By Andrew

Hi, I will be interviewing Principal Andrew.

Question: will you add classes? Answer: no.

Question: what will you add in the school? Answer: I will add hot lunch and free hour.

Question: what will you change? Answer: math last, science first, and social studies second.

Question: what will you add outside? Answer: I will add swings, tennis courts and skating area.

Question: will you add time between classes? Answer: yes

That’s the interview.

I’m the Principal for a Week

By Jack

If I were the principal for a week I would say that every other week the school would have fun lunch. I would also cut math 5 minuets short and put those 5 minutes into part of recess. You would be able to use phones (not in class). You could eat when ever you want to. You could have parties when ever you want. I would have 1 meeting every week. The kids schedule would not always be so packed. When it is recess you can skateboard. I would also put out more sports equipment. Most important there would be no bullies.

This is My School for a Week

By Hannah

Hello every one my name is Hannah and I will be your principal for this week! There will be a few changes that I will be telling you through out the week. Thank you.

Being principal is a lot I mean a lot of work. But it’s so amazing at the same time! You get to help children which I love to do. Everyone can I have your attention please? I am about to announce our first 2 new rules! Fun lunch is once every week! And we will have 2 art rooms! I am positive that this will be the best week of your life! Everyone started cheering which made me feel great. But a couple of people booed which I thought was rude. But as principal you have to make the hard decisions.

O.K everyone this is our last rule! Are you ready? We will have air conditioning! Now this time everyone cheers. (Which I hope stops soon which it does). But today is Friday, and I have to say good bye to this school. I never wanted to say good bye, but I have to.